Hey, You! Do you know where I can find some super scary Halloween props?

Here’s an interesting view on Halloween props. Someone has asked for super scary props, and another person has said there’s no such thing, try and scare them with the element of surprise.

This is true to an extent, if it doesn’t move then it’s probably not going to freak someone out if they can see it from a mile off. But if it’s something that may suddenly move or make a noise unexpectedly, then the element of surprise will startle if not completely freak out most people.

An atmosphere of course is established by having high quality scary looking props, but you definitely need the element of surprise via movement or sound to achieve the scare factor element!

Okay…I’ve got a HUGE halloween/birthday party coming up, and when I say HUGE, I mean it. I’ve got a DJ, fog machine, strobe lights, and great music…But I need some scary props. If you can’t already tell, we’ve spent a lot of money on other things, so I can’t really blow the budget on this one.
I need a good website where I can order some extremely scary halloween props.
All help is appreciated!
Thanx for looking!

No such thing as extremely scary props. You’ll need the element of surprise. Have a distraction prop and scare people from behind or use a device to make an object pop up when someone gets close. Last year, Fearnet.com went coast to coast catching ideas on camera then put them online. Maybe they’ll do the same this year. They called it Route 666.

where I can find some super scary Halloween props to buy?
You can try all of the most popular UK stores for a selection of great Halloween props. They have come a long way nowadays. Unfortunately however, in the UK Halloween is not as big of a deal as it is in the US, so some of the best – and of course with a price tag to match – props are not on sale here and you will need to import. But look around at the UK stores first, you may still find exactly what you need.

Halloween Props – Welcome To The Spook Zone

Welcome to Halloween Props

It’s coming up to that time of the year again where we like to scare each other witless, play tricks on one another, or perhaps treat each other to something nice. Yes, Halloween is approaching us once more. And here at Halloween Props you can find props, lights, outfits for adults, scary makeup and costumes for kids.

Whether you’ll be heading off for a Fright Night Spooky Party or Trick or Treating, you’ll find everything you’ll need here.

Have you looked at Halloween Outfits to decide who you are going to be celebrating or partying as this year? Who are you going to be, the most notorious horror icon of recent times – the razor claw gloved, burnt body, red and black striped with a dirty hat Freddy Krueger, or the one of the more long standing famous horror icons. The human leeching, blood sucking Count Dracula or a vampire? Or maybe you want to be someone in-between.

Just because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean you have to be a scary horror character. Some people go for dodgy characters like pirates – Jack Sparrow anyone. Or maybe the magical route – where Halloween is not necessarily frightening, but definitely spiritual. So maybe you might like to be a wizard or a witch.

You should ensure you have the necessary Halloween Props with you. Whether it’s a broomstick, Grim Reaper’s blade, or witches hat to go with your costume, to of course your mask, vampire’s fangs, fake blood and any other accessories that you will want to get to enhance the visual look of yourself in your halloween outfit.

If your hosting the party yourself, maybe you’d like to have special Halloween paper plates, or halloween candy as part of your decor of halloween props. Don’t forgot your toy bats, spiders or skulls.

You can also add fun things to the decor such as rat traps and blood coloured skeleton print adhesives to your floor to really turn your home into a pit of horror fit for occassion. Similarly for the ceiling you can have hanging bats, spiders, skulls or even chandeliers.

You can even get glass grabbers that add a scarily realistic “I’m gonna get you” feel as they appear to be near and leering at you, hellbent on sending taking you straight to the land of the dead.

Mwahahahaaaa. Are you ready to make this year the most scary, exciting and fiendishly fun Halloween celebration ever? If that’s a resounding yes, then step forth and get select your Halloween Props.

Buy Halloween Props – Where to Buy!

Below are the best places online for finding Halloween Props, Halloween Outfits and Halloween Makeup, categorized for your convenience:

Top Retailers of Halloween Props Costumes Decorations:

Joker’s Masquerade

Angela’s Fancy Dress

There are a number of places where you can buy great props. We’ve had a good look around the net and discovered that some stores are stronger in certain Halloween Props and some in other categories of items. So we’ve categorised them in order for your convenience.

For specialist Halloween Outfits – including movie oriented outfits like Freddy Krueger, Friday the 13th etc, Joker’s Masquerade wins hands down.

For more cost / budget conscious Halloween Outfits, Joker’s Masquerade is right up your street. They offer a number of more cheap and cheerful general themed Halloween costumes at a price that fits the budget. Just do not expect anything related to actual specific movie characters. Silly Jokes specialise in generic costumes. So if you are really looking for famous horror movie characters, Jokers’ and Angels’ are best for costumes based on specific horror movie characters. In addition to Freddy Kruegar from Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Voorhies from Friday the 13th, you can also find the likes of Michael Myers’ masks, Ghostbusters outfits, Chucky from Child’s Play etc.

For Halloween Makeup, Joker’s Masquerade is one of the best places to buy online. They even have a section for those that regard themselves as complete Halloween Makeup dummies.

All these places win hands down over somewhere like Amazon. Amazon is a one stop shop, so they are like a lucky dip, whereas these other stores are all specialists in halloween props and other supernatural / horror party items. They know what people want and some actually have physical retail stores directly serving the public.

In fact Jokers’ Masquerade and Angels’ Fancy Dress have been going for a while and both own actual costume stores that you can visit. So you are in great hands with those two when it comes to finding the perfect costume for you. They are proven specialists.

Have a look at around the rest of this site as we take a look at some of the best or very interesting ghoulish products on the market this 31st October. Happy shopping for your Halloween props!