Homemade Halloween Props

Homemade Halloween Props are cheaper and sometimes even better than the ones you have to buy. Furthermore, since you can apply your creativity and own taste in the doing – it – yourself domain, they can be original too.

Some great websites are out there for helping you with your props. They have pretty accurate descriptions of the building process, some of them even video or audio instructions. The biggest directory that directs you to such websites is http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/. Not all sites presented here are good, but usually the prop present here is more than kids stuff, is for people who want to take it to another level. Actually, it could a great idea for fathers and sons to work together on these projects.

We are going to present here 3 such projects to give you a clue on what these props are all about. First there is the 13 hour clock. The author was inspired by a haunted mansion from DisneyWorld. It can be used all year round, not just Halloween, as it is an unusual piece that can lie on your wall allowing you to start conversations with your guests and arouse their curiosity. But on Halloween it has that discrete yet noticeable impact, that thing that everybody feels, yet nobody can put their finger on it because it creates that creepy atmosphere.

The website with homemade Halloween props presents a fog chiller that makes fog stay on the ground, like you see in cemeteries in horror movies. The owner says is cost just $20, although it is almost certain that this cost excludes the actual fog machine. So that $20 will go for some PVC pipes. This plan does not need even glue, so you will just have to assemble those few pieces, fill the major pipe with ice, connect the fog machine and turn it on. Now you will have a dense, white fog on the floor of your party.

And if you are a fan of horror movies and Halloween, you couldn’t have missed the classical presence of the white ghost. The third website teaches you how to make your own circle of spinning ghost. Although the final result is impressive, you wouldn’t believe how simple the principle behind is.

So, if you are trying to impress your friends with a good, scary setting or you just want the best place to have fun on this holiday, with the homemade Halloween props you can have it while saving money too.

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Halloween Prop Overview

The Halloween prop is a must for one of the most popularly celebrated days of the year. Actually, there would be no Halloween without corresponding Halloween props, models of bodies or parts of monsters, vampires, witches and others. And although usually kids dress up and go for trick or treat, grownups enjoy this time of the year with relish too with the usual props and costumes at themed Halloween parties.

Apparently, Halloween draws its roots in the Celtic celebration of the end of summer and of the lighter part of the year and the beginning of autumn and the darker part of year, a celebration named Samhain. This seems to be the prevailing opinion, although other historians linked Halloween with the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or with Parentalia, the festival of the dead. The name “haloween” though, comes from comes from 16th century Scotland where it designated the All Hallows Eve, which was the night before All Hallows Day, the celebration of all saints. But the modern Halloween is a secular holiday celebrated each year on October 31.

Some of the many things you can choose for Halloween are banners and posters for your walls and floors, table decorations, ceiling and hanging decorations, inflatables, replicas of spiders and other creepy animals, confetti, crepes and ribbons. Considering all these options, it will not be hard to have covered every part of your house, but which particular item to choose over the other.

Some objects can be found on more than category. For large parties probably the wallpapers are a good choice. Also good choices are various full size cardboards of characters like Elvira Witch, Freddy Kruger, Buffy – The Vampire Slayer, or even yourself, as there is the option of personalization. If you have a little less space, little items laid around the house like little skeletons, skulls, bones and insects.

An example of one of the coolest Halloween prop is the fake tomb stone decorated with skulls and with the “RIP” inscription. It would be a very good choice for the entrance to your party. Other things that can make your party a “deadly” party are dismembered mummy arms with blood on them which you can lay them around. For your floor you can choose a venomous snake or a tarantula. For your walls you can choose a cemetery banner and your Halloween party is set.

There are few stable, traditional things in the modern life, but Halloween is one of them. Sometimes it is waited for the whole year by people to recall their childhood memories and have fun with their friends. And in both these processes, getting a great Halloween prop or two is crucial, it gives you the taste of the witching hour when the spooks are on the prowl.

Halloween Props Ideas

Stuck for Halloween Props Ideas? Do you have no idea of what to get for Halloween? Here are a few suggestions. Party Box sells some great Halloween Props.

Halloween Props
By Fred Keller

Halloween props are very easy to get hold of nowadays. Some people that have time on their hands will even make their own. But for the rest of us that really do not want to spend any of our time making props, it will suffice for us to go shopping for something that we like. There are a wide variety of types and styles of props available to buy.

How much Halloween decor you use depends again on how much you wish to spend in time or money. If you wish to do up the house from front garden entrance through the main floor to the back garden, then two things you can start off with are skulls or skeletons and tombstones. Tombstones are the ultimate in setting up the freaky atmosphere as it represents the dead, or as they always become in horror movies, the undead – zombies, something scary lurking inside, or nearby waiting for the right moment to get you. Likewise of course a few skeletons also serve an eerie message. Although the flesh is gone from the bones, as in the movies, the haunted spirit of the person who that skeleton was a part of may still be possessing the skeleton and is waiting for its moment to pounce on someone.

You may like to invest in glow in the dark versions of tombstones or skeletons to make sure they really stand out. These are perfect Halloween props to set the scene for your arriving guests. And of course, no let us not forget that classic halloween mascot that will decorate many a property at Halloween, the candlelit Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin. However, only use a Jack O’Lantern if it fits in with the other halloween props or use it exclusively if you are on a budget and simply want to concentrate on props for inside your home.

In your doorway and inside your home, you could use hanging Halloween props which include spider webs – perhaps will a nasty big scary spider on it, or hanging bats, or skulls. You can even get fake rat holes to make your home look infested with disease ridden rodents.

To stick to solid surfaces you can buy eerie eyes that appear to leer at you as you move around the room, or full monster images that look like they are actually in the room rather than a piece of art. Stick on glass or mirror props are especially good for this purpose. Or you may like to get a few cut out life size figures. Speaking of which do not forget to get Halloween props that will go well with your costume. A fake knife, sword, hammer, or decapitated head that you can greet and shriek your guests with – if they do not out-spook you first!

For your tables you can get halloween themed banqueting rolls or drapes, or a mist or fog blower to create that spooky tension in the air. Treat music as part of the props too, get some zombie or monster themed pop or movie music to play as your guests arrive.

Most of all, have fun, decorating your home with Halloween props should be an exciting process, and the reward will come as your guests are excited or freaked out by your efforts. Happy Halloween.

Discover great Halloween Props to buy for your Halloween celebrations at http://www.halloweenprops.org.uk.

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How to make Halloween Props

If you’re someone that has a lot of time on their hands, you may like to make your own halloween props or costumes.

Here are two great sites that have quite a few examples of what you can do to produce your home made spook goods.

From costumes to props to makeup. If you’ve got the time, then you’ll probably find something enjoyable to make via the information gathered at these sites. For everyone else, simply hop over to Where to Buy Halloween Props.


How to make low cost halloween props

It’s time to get imaginative. A great Halloween Party demands great props. Great props depends on knowing where to look and / or having a creative mind. And the where to buy and a desire to take a creatively inspired approach is exactly what this poster is looking for:

I am starting my first year doing a haunted thing in my front yard for halloween and do not know where to begin!
I would like it to have a WOW factor…

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I add something new every year. After putting everything out, I usually add some more the day of Halloween for a bit of a surprise for the kids. Our house has become the drive by spot, like a house all decorated for Christmas. On Halloween night, kids have their parents drive them to our house to get their goods, and parents in other neighborhood know our home by the Halloween house. Hysterical!!

We always have the music going. A cd on loop hidden in the bushes. We have two foggers going, and a strobe light. Realistic tombstones are easy to make. Use Foam board insulation, cut into the shape you want and then sand the edges down. Once you have them done pick up some Grey latex paint. Paint the entire tombstone. If you purchase Rustoleum spray paint you can remove this little thingie inside the top. That allows the can to spurt. Get black, grey, and white. Stand back and sputter in even strokes. As you add the layers of the spray paint you’ll see that you are creating a granite stone look. They are too cool!!

We have some skeleton bones we put out in front of some. Some skulls, some ravens on the tombstones or in the trees, If you have a large window in front of your home you could do a couple of things. Hang cheese cloth as curtains, and decorate the room as a set. Like a psychic parlor, a haunted room, or roll your big screen in front of it and play a PG scary movie.

The thing is, pull them in with the decorations, get them coming back with the goods. Hit a Sam’s or Costco to get the big candy bars, or find a wholesaler to buy things from. Your house will be safe all year long.
The only problem is you need your friends out their to entertain the line. Those kids can get mean!!!