ABBA Agnetha Costume Ideas

Abba Costume - Disco Diva
Abba Costume – Disco Diva

Abba Fancy Dress presents How to get the Agnetha look, from costume, to accessories, to makeup

It is one thing to buy an Abba Costume, but some more work may be necessary to complete the look. Maybe you are a brunette or have black hair, when Agnetha is a blonde lady. Maybe you need just a dash of makeup to pull off one of the famous Abba women styles, but have no idea what to buy and/or how to apply it. Or perhaps you have the costume, but are a bit stuck on looking for suitable accessories to complete the look of that blonde starlet of Abba – Agnetha. Well despair no more, here’s our quick guide to sorting yourself out with the Agnetha look.

Abba Clothes Accessories – Boots or Shoes

Abba Costume - Silver Sequinned Shoes
Abba Costume – Silver Sequinned Shoes

With those sparkly, glittering and glamourous 70s outfits that come with a skirt, you will want a great pair of matching knee high platform boots. So you will certainly want to get yourself a pair of these with your costume. A great pair of boots will no doubt help you feel the part. It’s one thing to wear a costume, and something on a whole new level to have a great pair of footwear. What woman does not like to wear something great on her feet? For outfits that cover the legs, like the Disco Diva costume featured on this page, a pair of silver sequinned shoes will go nicely.

Abba Blonde Agnetha Wig
Abba Blonde Agnetha Wig

Abba Agnetha Blonde Wig
If you are styling yourself after Agnetha and if you do not have blonde hair, or if you do not wish to mess around with yourown hair, then you need to buiy yourself an Agnetha wig to quickly take care of this little aspect of the outfit puzzle. Nice, simple, and easy. A blonde Agnetha wig will take care of things.

Abba Accessories - Glitter Microophone
Abba Accessories – Glitter Microophone

Abba Costume Accessory – Microphone

Not absolutely necessary, but to go the extra mile and help ensure instant recognition, an accessory such as a microphone will help drive the message home to all at the party that Agnetha has arrived. Cheap and cheerful and if you love gimmicks, grab yourself a microphone.

Abba Fancy Dress - Gloss Black Eyelashes
Abba Fancy Dress – Gloss Black Eyelashes

Abba Makeup
A great fancy dress outfit always demands great makeup if it is for a lady. And of course the Abba women both wore makeup frequently. To get that Abba you therefore need to purchase some makeup too. Of course that’s half the story.

The other thing, which is often a pain in the backside for many women, is how to effectively apply the makeup so it looks good rather than simply caked on. Fortunately, with the wonder that is YouTube, help is at hand! Just simply pop over there and look up 70’s makeup and you will get many different videos that will talk and show you what to get and how to apply it. Oh, and you might like to grab yourself a set of nice long fake eyelashes; one of the great symbols of past decades.

Abba Fancy Dress Costumes

Abba Fancy Dress

ABBA,the legendary Swedish pop sensation may not be active anymore, but heir legacy lives on, over a quarter of a century since the band last performed together.

The four piece pop music group formed in Sweden barely into the start of the 70s decade – November 1970 to be precise. To think of the 70s today, you can not avoid thinking of ABBA.

And when it comes to fancy dress parties, particularly disco fancy dress parties or 70s fancy dress parties, you just know that there is going to be a demand and even expectation for guests to make an appearance wearing ABBA fancy dress< costumes.

Funnily enough, I was not a big ABBA fan for quite a while in terms of getting to know and understand the band. Their music I have always liked but I never really knew anything about them. But of course knowing anything about a band is not necessary in order to have an appreciation for their music. And their music sure was – and still is, fun! The lyrics were catchy. And the outfits were fantastic! It is no wonder that ABBA fancy dress is now synonymous with disco fancy dress or 70s fancy dress parties.

They simply are one of the biggest and most enduring non active bands of all time. It is no surprise that many a radio station the world over continues to play their music to this day just as it is no wonder that they are one of the world’s best selling music bands having amassed almost 370 million record sales world wide. In fact at the current time, they are the world’s second best selling pop artists in history as well as holding the title of second best selling band in history. That’s quite an achievement from a band that recorded in a language that was not even their mother tongue to enter into the mainstream in such a domineering fashion. The band at number 1 of course were native speakers of the language they sung in – The Beatles.

But let us get back to ABBA fancy dress – the long flowing hair, the shiny outfits, the glamour. 70s fashion as it is has left a long lasting impression through to today. When it comes to ABBA, you simply can not think of the 70s without thinking of ABBA.

Abba Costumes

Find a great selection of ABBA Fancy Dress costumes, wigs, and accessories for that perfect 70s Fancy Dress look.

Abba Dancing Queen 70s Dress

And you are the dancing queen when you slip into this great ABBA Dancing Queen Fancy dress outfit. This is a 3 piece costume consisting of mini dress, standup collar and belt. Available in three sizes: Small size – 8-10, Medium size 12 – 14, and Large size 16 – 18

Abba Dancing Queen Deluxe Costume

And how about another 70s ABBA disco diva outfit? This is the deluxe dancing queen costume. The glamour and sparkle is all here. This two-piece number consists of a top and elasticated trousers. The entire outfit is made from a lightweight polyester fabric. You also get a matching self-tie belt. This Deluxe Costume comes in 3 sizes: Small size 8-10, Medium Size 12-14 and Large size 16-18.

Agnetha Blonde Wig and Anni-Frid Brunette Wig

Did you prefer the blond haired Agnetha or the brunette Anni Frid? Well whichever, If you do not have long blond or brown hair that is easy to style then you can buy some ABBA inspired 70s style wigs. These Abba Fancy Dress wigs help complete the ABBA diva look.

For even more ABBA costumes and other 70s inspired costumes, you can have a look at More Abba Costumes at Amazon.

Also look at Angels Fancy Dress. They have a wide selection of costumes, accessories and even make-up to get you looking right as if you had time travelled straight from the 70s to the present day party. Visit Angels Fancy Dress


Abba Dancing Queen Blue
Buy Dancing Queen Blue

Abba fancy dress costumes can bring that flashy and crazy atmosphere from the 1970s to your party. The songs of the world famous Swedish band were hits back then and have been revived with success for the new generations year after year after that. Let’s first point out some moments form the history of band. They were active between 1972 and 1983, they sold 375 million records worldwide and they were the first band from a non – speaking English country to enjoy success in the English speaking countries. The fact that now, 30 years after their break up, there are fancy dress costumes wearing their name say a lot about their popularity too.

Since they are considered a pop band of the 1970s, the Abba fancy dress costumes are

Abba Dancing Queen Silver
Buy Abba Dancing Queen Silver

borrowing very much from the disco look of those times. So they have bright colors, they are shiny and all they need is a disco ball to show their best qualities.

One of Abba’s most popular songs is Dancing Queen. So there is no wonder that this costume has many variants. Now “you can dance, you can jive having the time of your life” with a blue, silver or green Dancing Queen costume that includes a tight jumpsuit with flared layered trousers and a dashing belt. Or you can choose the Dancing Queen Catsuit. It is a one piece pants – and – top suit having the shoulders open and a nice decolletage. Its hypnotic design of colored stripes on a silver background, together with the melodious Abba song will surely create that 1970s atmosphere.

Abba Dress
Buy Abba Dress

Another Abba fancy dress costume is the Abba Dress. It is formed from a short, white dress and a stylish belt. This one is ideal for the hot summer nights when a tight and long costume will make you feel uncomfortable. Of course, other costumes can be included in this category as they share the same 70s style, but they just don’t have any reference to Abba. But there is no problem in buying the Foxy Cleopatra Diva costume, for instance, and say that you are one of the singers from the band, as they wore it in videos too.

Abba is a cultural trademark of Sweden and of the disco period around the world. So many people grew up listening to their music and so many still do, as their songs are remixed and re – launched on the market from time to time. Offering them a tribute by choosing the Abba fancy dress costumes at a party is a pretty good idea.

Halloween Party Props

Halloween party props are the most important accessories for Halloween decor. Probably no one can imagine a Halloween party without the usual monsters, skeletons and Jack – o- lantern pumpkin heads. All of these have entered Halloween folklore and if you want some of the best such Halloween props for your October 31 party, there are a few online stores that can help you. These websites have the advantage of offering a range of products on the same theme, so you can have a unitary concept behind your party.

One of the best products that can be found online is the tombstone with a skull and the “RIP” inscription engraved on it. The material used for production is polystyrene foam which makes it an affordable item and light, so shipping is cheap too and it is easy to install. Its drawback is that the polystyrene foam is very fragile, so you need to be careful when handling. It is 71 cm tall and its color is usually black.

If you want to take the cemetery scene a bit further, besides the tombstone you can also purchase a scene setter room roll. As the name may suggest, it is a roll of paper that you use to cover your walls. The one for the graveyard is 50 ft long (15.2 meters) 1.2 meters wide. It is decorated with grey stone brickwork and a dark graveyard behind iron curtails. It is made from plastic. You will of course want to measure your room and decide how much you need, as well as if you wish to cover part or all of your room.

And of course, what would Halloween be without the expected skulls or skeletons? For this item of your Halloween party props you can opt for a full size one. It can be put in any scene set, it does not take too much room and it looks pretty cool. Besides Halloween, it is a great gift for any horror movie fan. It is a realistic, high definition cardboard picture, self supporting, easy to transport thanks to the folding mechanism and its height is 188 cm.

We all know how important fun is for our health, especially in this stressful era. Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays for children and grownups alike. It is one of the most important secular holidays in the world, and some people make plans for it the whole year round. Whether you are among these people, or you just think about it a week before, we hope that our suggestion for Halloween party props will come in handy.

Scary Halloween Props

Scary Halloween props are the props that are most faithful to the true spirit of this holiday – those designed to shock people. Or in some cases, some people want the props to disgust people. The usual is to go for something that looks shocking though.

Monsters and horror stay at the core of Halloween. Sometimes, for different reasons, people wish to set aside the horror element in favor of more fun in a less frightening environment. But there are still those who like the original thrills of this holiday and for them the internet provides many cool products. Of course these props can be used by other people too, like if you want to increase the level of intensity of a spooky special event for example.

So, here are some of those scary Halloween props that you can buy online. First there is the Halloween Shaking Skeleton in a Cage. This one would look cool with some white smoke around. Its red eyes are glittering and it really shakes, as it works on batteries (which are included in the price). It is 60 cm tall, its rags and cage, and in general the whole design, look very realistic.

Other scary products are some human organs with blood pumping out of them. The first of these is the Halloween Pumping Heart in Hand with Adaptor. This will need an electrical outlet near as it does not work with batteries. It will look cool on the main table, among snacks and beverages. Its design is a hand coming out from the earth holding a heart in it. And this heart pumps out blood, imitating the heart beats. It is 28 cm high.

Other similar products are the “Today’s Fresh Cuts Heart / Brain” Blood Fountain with Adaptor. Unlike the previous model, here the heart (or the brain) is set on a cutting board with a bloody knife next to it. It also pulsates blood (it is not real blood, of course). This model will look best on the kitchen table or on the crazy maniac theme. It also needs an electrical outlet.

These products go well also for scary chambers in amusement parks or any other places where people go to get chills regularly. But they may fit well for the regular horror fans. They are very expensive and you can use them for more than one year. But as mentioned in the introduction, these props can raise the horror factor for your party and are not just for the hardcore fans of horror. So, no matter what your objective is, the investment in scary Halloween props will pay off if you want to put a bit of a scare into your party guests.

Cheap Halloween Props

Cheap Halloween props can complete a larger Halloween room design of existing props and decor, or they can be a cheap and cheerful way to create a Halloween room design. This is because they usually are not big items, but they are very affordable. So they can be placed in discrete places to enrich the atmosphere and bring to fruition the bigger props, if present, or you can otherwise buy enough to achieve a Halloween effect. Since so many of us grew up with this holiday, it may be worthy spending a little more time creating the right prop than abandoning the tradition. A few examples of such props will be given bellow.

If you have a cemetery set, a bat placed in a cornet or on a piece of furniture somewhere in the room can complete and empower that spooky feeling. Also for a set like this, a tombstone with a skull on it or with the inscription “RIP”, in form of a Christian or Celtic cross are quite appropriate. And of course what cemetery would not have corpses? You can find cheap skeletons, some of which glow in the dark, decorative spider webs and even spiders.

For a psychopath killer theme, some human organs that look as if they were just ripped from a body are a very good idea. We include here the human brain, the heart or a hand, all with anatomic design, not the romantic one. Other cheap Halloween props for this set are the big “Monster House” sign with assorted colors, the warning yard signs with “Danger” or the fake barbwire.

There are many such cheap Halloween props. They are most suitable for house parties, where nor the budget or the space are that big, students or people who just want to save their money, especially in this period of economic recession, yet they still want to keep the tradition of celebrating Halloween. For all those who grew up with this holiday, giving up on it would sound really depressing, to say the least. A black chair back tie, some black table gems – scatter crystals, a black cauldron, some venomous snakes, some bloody razors, an ice bucket with a skull painted on it are just as many possible solutions for you to keep this spirit alive with just a few pounds.

All in all, Halloween can be a lot of fun, whether because you are going to eat a lot of candy or because you will party with friends. If you, as most people, will choose the latter reason, the cheap Halloween props can make a big difference between a regular party and an excellent one.