Homemade Halloween Props

Homemade Halloween Props are cheaper and sometimes even better than the ones you have to buy. Furthermore, since you can apply your creativity and own taste in the doing – it – yourself domain, they can be original too.

Some great websites are out there for helping you with your props. They have pretty accurate descriptions of the building process, some of them even video or audio instructions. The biggest directory that directs you to such websites is http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/. Not all sites presented here are good, but usually the prop present here is more than kids stuff, is for people who want to take it to another level. Actually, it could a great idea for fathers and sons to work together on these projects.

We are going to present here 3 such projects to give you a clue on what these props are all about. First there is the 13 hour clock. The author was inspired by a haunted mansion from DisneyWorld. It can be used all year round, not just Halloween, as it is an unusual piece that can lie on your wall allowing you to start conversations with your guests and arouse their curiosity. But on Halloween it has that discrete yet noticeable impact, that thing that everybody feels, yet nobody can put their finger on it because it creates that creepy atmosphere.

The website with homemade Halloween props presents a fog chiller that makes fog stay on the ground, like you see in cemeteries in horror movies. The owner says is cost just $20, although it is almost certain that this cost excludes the actual fog machine. So that $20 will go for some PVC pipes. This plan does not need even glue, so you will just have to assemble those few pieces, fill the major pipe with ice, connect the fog machine and turn it on. Now you will have a dense, white fog on the floor of your party.

And if you are a fan of horror movies and Halloween, you couldn’t have missed the classical presence of the white ghost. The third website teaches you how to make your own circle of spinning ghost. Although the final result is impressive, you wouldn’t believe how simple the principle behind is.

So, if you are trying to impress your friends with a good, scary setting or you just want the best place to have fun on this holiday, with the homemade Halloween props you can have it while saving money too.

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