Halloween Prop Overview

The Halloween prop is a must for one of the most popularly celebrated days of the year. Actually, there would be no Halloween without corresponding Halloween props, models of bodies or parts of monsters, vampires, witches and others. And although usually kids dress up and go for trick or treat, grownups enjoy this time of the year with relish too with the usual props and costumes at themed Halloween parties.

Apparently, Halloween draws its roots in the Celtic celebration of the end of summer and of the lighter part of the year and the beginning of autumn and the darker part of year, a celebration named Samhain. This seems to be the prevailing opinion, although other historians linked Halloween with the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or with Parentalia, the festival of the dead. The name “haloween” though, comes from comes from 16th century Scotland where it designated the All Hallows Eve, which was the night before All Hallows Day, the celebration of all saints. But the modern Halloween is a secular holiday celebrated each year on October 31.

Some of the many things you can choose for Halloween are banners and posters for your walls and floors, table decorations, ceiling and hanging decorations, inflatables, replicas of spiders and other creepy animals, confetti, crepes and ribbons. Considering all these options, it will not be hard to have covered every part of your house, but which particular item to choose over the other.

Some objects can be found on more than category. For large parties probably the wallpapers are a good choice. Also good choices are various full size cardboards of characters like Elvira Witch, Freddy Kruger, Buffy – The Vampire Slayer, or even yourself, as there is the option of personalization. If you have a little less space, little items laid around the house like little skeletons, skulls, bones and insects.

An example of one of the coolest Halloween prop is the fake tomb stone decorated with skulls and with the “RIP” inscription. It would be a very good choice for the entrance to your party. Other things that can make your party a “deadly” party are dismembered mummy arms with blood on them which you can lay them around. For your floor you can choose a venomous snake or a tarantula. For your walls you can choose a cemetery banner and your Halloween party is set.

There are few stable, traditional things in the modern life, but Halloween is one of them. Sometimes it is waited for the whole year by people to recall their childhood memories and have fun with their friends. And in both these processes, getting a great Halloween prop or two is crucial, it gives you the taste of the witching hour when the spooks are on the prowl.