Halloween Decorations – Great Props Ideas

Halloween decorations are an essential part of any October 31st event. Exactly what type of Halloween props and decorations you buy will of course depend on whether you want a light and fun themed event, to one with a somewhat supernatural twist, to one that is outright horror, thrills and frights themed.

You can decide exactly what kind of atmosphere you would like. In this article we will just look broadly at a range of props that can fit into these categories. And of course you can then do further research to obtain the right props for your party.

Well, you might like to be a proper host of a haunted host and serve up food and drink in Halloween themed crockery. From napkins to shot glasses to snack bowls, the items will all be ghoulishly styled. To accessorise this further you may also like to get some Halloween themed tableware.

One of the best types of Halloween decorations if you really want to transform a room is to get some scene setter rolls. Made from poly-plastic, these will transform your room for the evening into somewhere like a graveyard, dungeon, haunted house, forest or some other place.

Wall Grabbers look great too. They are lightly backed with an adhesive that is similar to that used on a post-it. So long as the surface is smooth, these Halloween decorations can be stuck on and removed with ease. Place them strategically, like behind a door so that they take your guests completely by surprise.

Oct 31st would not be the same without a Halloween skeleton or skull. If a human is coming back from the dead, or rather his spirit, then it will usually possess that which is left behind after the flesh has long rotted away – his skeleton.

Bats, Spiders and Rats are of course also staple Halloween props. All creatures of the night, and of course bats are associated as the alternate forms of vampires in some folklore, although quite a few modern interpretations seem to be discarding this particular aspect of a vampire.

Spiders represent that classic human fear – apparently from the time of cavemen fearing big furry spiders might come out at them in a cave. Whatever, to this day spiders instil fear in many people, especially if they are furry. And of course rats. Not only known for vermin that spread disease but also in History used as a form of torture, rats are very much a part of the Halloween theme.

Hanging props. You can get a variety of hanging Halloween decorations. many of those ideas just mentioned will come in hanging variety as well as a number of other ghouls and scary creatures and objects. Limbs. These are very freaky, especially if strategically placed. Seeing a Halloween prop of a severed hand, or intestines or some other body part is grotesque and horrifying. Guaranteed a shriek if you get it right!

Animatronics. Getting something that moves or lights up or speaks is a great way to decorate your event. You can get life size and scaled versions of these props, as well as those that just consist of a body part like a hand, or head. There are many more ideas out these and these are just some of the great Halloween Decorations that are available for you to purchase for your event.