Buy Halloween Props – Where to Buy!

Below are the best places online for finding Halloween Props, Halloween Outfits and Halloween Makeup, categorized for your convenience:

Top Retailers of Halloween Props Costumes Decorations:

Joker’s Masquerade

Angela’s Fancy Dress

There are a number of places where you can buy great props. We’ve had a good look around the net and discovered that some stores are stronger in certain Halloween Props and some in other categories of items. So we’ve categorised them in order for your convenience.

For specialist Halloween Outfits – including movie oriented outfits like Freddy Krueger, Friday the 13th etc, Joker’s Masquerade wins hands down.

For more cost / budget conscious Halloween Outfits, Joker’s Masquerade is right up your street. They offer a number of more cheap and cheerful general themed Halloween costumes at a price that fits the budget. Just do not expect anything related to actual specific movie characters. Silly Jokes specialise in generic costumes. So if you are really looking for famous horror movie characters, Jokers’ and Angels’ are best for costumes based on specific horror movie characters. In addition to Freddy Kruegar from Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Voorhies from Friday the 13th, you can also find the likes of Michael Myers’ masks, Ghostbusters outfits, Chucky from Child’s Play etc.

For Halloween Makeup, Joker’s Masquerade is one of the best places to buy online. They even have a section for those that regard themselves as complete Halloween Makeup dummies.

All these places win hands down over somewhere like Amazon. Amazon is a one stop shop, so they are like a lucky dip, whereas these other stores are all specialists in halloween props and other supernatural / horror party items. They know what people want and some actually have physical retail stores directly serving the public.

In fact Jokers’ Masquerade and Angels’ Fancy Dress have been going for a while and both own actual costume stores that you can visit. So you are in great hands with those two when it comes to finding the perfect costume for you. They are proven specialists.

Have a look at around the rest of this site as we take a look at some of the best or very interesting ghoulish products on the market this 31st October. Happy shopping for your Halloween props!