Abba Fancy Dress Costumes

Abba Fancy Dress

ABBA,the legendary Swedish pop sensation may not be active anymore, but heir legacy lives on, over a quarter of a century since the band last performed together.

The four piece pop music group formed in Sweden barely into the start of the 70s decade – November 1970 to be precise. To think of the 70s today, you can not avoid thinking of ABBA.

And when it comes to fancy dress parties, particularly disco fancy dress parties or 70s fancy dress parties, you just know that there is going to be a demand and even expectation for guests to make an appearance wearing ABBA fancy dress< costumes.

Funnily enough, I was not a big ABBA fan for quite a while in terms of getting to know and understand the band. Their music I have always liked but I never really knew anything about them. But of course knowing anything about a band is not necessary in order to have an appreciation for their music. And their music sure was – and still is, fun! The lyrics were catchy. And the outfits were fantastic! It is no wonder that ABBA fancy dress is now synonymous with disco fancy dress or 70s fancy dress parties.

They simply are one of the biggest and most enduring non active bands of all time. It is no surprise that many a radio station the world over continues to play their music to this day just as it is no wonder that they are one of the world’s best selling music bands having amassed almost 370 million record sales world wide. In fact at the current time, they are the world’s second best selling pop artists in history as well as holding the title of second best selling band in history. That’s quite an achievement from a band that recorded in a language that was not even their mother tongue to enter into the mainstream in such a domineering fashion. The band at number 1 of course were native speakers of the language they sung in – The Beatles.

But let us get back to ABBA fancy dress – the long flowing hair, the shiny outfits, the glamour. 70s fashion as it is has left a long lasting impression through to today. When it comes to ABBA, you simply can not think of the 70s without thinking of ABBA.

Abba Costumes

Find a great selection of ABBA Fancy Dress costumes, wigs, and accessories for that perfect 70s Fancy Dress look.

Abba Dancing Queen 70s Dress

And you are the dancing queen when you slip into this great ABBA Dancing Queen Fancy dress outfit. This is a 3 piece costume consisting of mini dress, standup collar and belt. Available in three sizes: Small size – 8-10, Medium size 12 – 14, and Large size 16 – 18

Abba Dancing Queen Deluxe Costume

And how about another 70s ABBA disco diva outfit? This is the deluxe dancing queen costume. The glamour and sparkle is all here. This two-piece number consists of a top and elasticated trousers. The entire outfit is made from a lightweight polyester fabric. You also get a matching self-tie belt. This Deluxe Costume comes in 3 sizes: Small size 8-10, Medium Size 12-14 and Large size 16-18.

Agnetha Blonde Wig and Anni-Frid Brunette Wig

Did you prefer the blond haired Agnetha or the brunette Anni Frid? Well whichever, If you do not have long blond or brown hair that is easy to style then you can buy some ABBA inspired 70s style wigs. These Abba Fancy Dress wigs help complete the ABBA diva look.

For even more ABBA costumes and other 70s inspired costumes, you can have a look at More Abba Costumes at Amazon.

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Abba Dancing Queen Blue
Buy Dancing Queen Blue

Abba fancy dress costumes can bring that flashy and crazy atmosphere from the 1970s to your party. The songs of the world famous Swedish band were hits back then and have been revived with success for the new generations year after year after that. Let’s first point out some moments form the history of band. They were active between 1972 and 1983, they sold 375 million records worldwide and they were the first band from a non – speaking English country to enjoy success in the English speaking countries. The fact that now, 30 years after their break up, there are fancy dress costumes wearing their name say a lot about their popularity too.

Since they are considered a pop band of the 1970s, the Abba fancy dress costumes are

Abba Dancing Queen Silver
Buy Abba Dancing Queen Silver

borrowing very much from the disco look of those times. So they have bright colors, they are shiny and all they need is a disco ball to show their best qualities.

One of Abba’s most popular songs is Dancing Queen. So there is no wonder that this costume has many variants. Now “you can dance, you can jive having the time of your life” with a blue, silver or green Dancing Queen costume that includes a tight jumpsuit with flared layered trousers and a dashing belt. Or you can choose the Dancing Queen Catsuit. It is a one piece pants – and – top suit having the shoulders open and a nice decolletage. Its hypnotic design of colored stripes on a silver background, together with the melodious Abba song will surely create that 1970s atmosphere.

Abba Dress
Buy Abba Dress

Another Abba fancy dress costume is the Abba Dress. It is formed from a short, white dress and a stylish belt. This one is ideal for the hot summer nights when a tight and long costume will make you feel uncomfortable. Of course, other costumes can be included in this category as they share the same 70s style, but they just don’t have any reference to Abba. But there is no problem in buying the Foxy Cleopatra Diva costume, for instance, and say that you are one of the singers from the band, as they wore it in videos too.

Abba is a cultural trademark of Sweden and of the disco period around the world. So many people grew up listening to their music and so many still do, as their songs are remixed and re – launched on the market from time to time. Offering them a tribute by choosing the Abba fancy dress costumes at a party is a pretty good idea.

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