ABBA Agnetha Costume Ideas

Abba Costume - Disco Diva
Abba Costume – Disco Diva

Abba Fancy Dress presents How to get the Agnetha look, from costume, to accessories, to makeup

It is one thing to buy an Abba Costume, but some more work may be necessary to complete the look. Maybe you are a brunette or have black hair, when Agnetha is a blonde lady. Maybe you need just a dash of makeup to pull off one of the famous Abba women styles, but have no idea what to buy and/or how to apply it. Or perhaps you have the costume, but are a bit stuck on looking for suitable accessories to complete the look of that blonde starlet of Abba – Agnetha. Well despair no more, here’s our quick guide to sorting yourself out with the Agnetha look.

Abba Clothes Accessories – Boots or Shoes

Abba Costume - Silver Sequinned Shoes
Abba Costume – Silver Sequinned Shoes

With those sparkly, glittering and glamourous 70s outfits that come with a skirt, you will want a great pair of matching knee high platform boots. So you will certainly want to get yourself a pair of these with your costume. A great pair of boots will no doubt help you feel the part. It’s one thing to wear a costume, and something on a whole new level to have a great pair of footwear. What woman does not like to wear something great on her feet? For outfits that cover the legs, like the Disco Diva costume featured on this page, a pair of silver sequinned shoes will go nicely.

Abba Blonde Agnetha Wig
Abba Blonde Agnetha Wig

Abba Agnetha Blonde Wig
If you are styling yourself after Agnetha and if you do not have blonde hair, or if you do not wish to mess around with yourown hair, then you need to buiy yourself an Agnetha wig to quickly take care of this little aspect of the outfit puzzle. Nice, simple, and easy. A blonde Agnetha wig will take care of things.

Abba Accessories - Glitter Microophone
Abba Accessories – Glitter Microophone

Abba Costume Accessory – Microphone

Not absolutely necessary, but to go the extra mile and help ensure instant recognition, an accessory such as a microphone will help drive the message home to all at the party that Agnetha has arrived. Cheap and cheerful and if you love gimmicks, grab yourself a microphone.

Abba Fancy Dress - Gloss Black Eyelashes
Abba Fancy Dress – Gloss Black Eyelashes

Abba Makeup
A great fancy dress outfit always demands great makeup if it is for a lady. And of course the Abba women both wore makeup frequently. To get that Abba you therefore need to purchase some makeup too. Of course that’s half the story.

The other thing, which is often a pain in the backside for many women, is how to effectively apply the makeup so it looks good rather than simply caked on. Fortunately, with the wonder that is YouTube, help is at hand! Just simply pop over there and look up 70’s makeup and you will get many different videos that will talk and show you what to get and how to apply it. Oh, and you might like to grab yourself a set of nice long fake eyelashes; one of the great symbols of past decades.

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