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Halloween Props 2017

Welcome to Halloween Props 2017. Here you can find great horror, supernatural and thrilling props, costumes, makeup and accessories to put on a Halloween, scary, or magical themed party.

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Halloween PropsSome people like to make a Halloween Prop themselves. But for the rest of us, we do not have the time to put into creating our own scary props.

And we would prefer not to be unsure whether we will manage to put the prop together correctly. So for the rest of us in this category, we just want to look for and purchase some great supernatural props for our decor and party.

To help you get your bits and pieces quickly, we at HalloweenProps have categorised the best online merchants of all the bits and bobs you need for your supernatural special occasion, so you can get what you want, from the place that best specialises in that particular area.

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Best Halloween Props, Costumes, Makeup, Accessories, Weapons:
Jokers’ Masquerade
Angels Fancy Dress

Choices for best Halloween Prop, Best Halloween Costumes / and Best Halloween Makeup

The best props for Halloween are from figures, to wall banners, to animated/light-up/sound-effect monsters, there are a wide range of props and decorations to liven up the environment. Jokers’ Masquerade have a great range of props, which include masks, wigs, severed limbs and prosthetics.

Jokers’ Masquerade and Angels Fancy Dress are both fantastic for finding premium and movie themed Halloween Costumes. If you can think of a popular Horror or Supernatural Movie there’s a costume for it.

And of course there are always people that choose to go for cartoon or superhero costumes instead of anything necessarily supernatural. Both retailers offer these costumes too.

On the other hand if you are looking for a cheap generic costume, they have these too, but they specialise more in the themed costumes.

For Halloween makeup, Jokers’ Masquerade comes out on top. Not only do they have a great selection of makeup, but they also have great prosthetics, wigs and other facial accessories to complete your desired look. Angels Fancy Dress also does a fairly decent job.

Let us look at a few examples of Halloween props you might buy for Halloween

Props for Halloween are easy to find, as they are readily available in many local stores and an even greater selection can be found in online stores. For people that have some time on their hands, there is the option to make your own scary props at home.

Halloween crafts can be quite an enjoyable activity, and you can create some unique props, if you do have the time to create props yourself. But the majority of us do not have plenty of free time for making spooky props.

But if you do have time, but don’t know how to make your Halloween props, there are plenty of sites out there that give you step by step instructions on how to make your own spooky crafts for Halloween.

There is no set number of how many items you should use to decorate and accentuate your Halloween event. You can have as many as are necessary for your intention.

Yard / Garden Halloween Decorations

You can get some skulls or skeletons or tombstones to appropriately decorate the exterior of your home. We all know and love seeing skeletons in horror movies that come alive with the souls of the person that once lived.

And we all know that skeletons can pack a mean punch, even without flesh and muscle. And when we see a tombstone, we instantly recall zombies. Tombstones and Halloween represent the opening of graves as zombies rise from the dead.

To make things even more interesting and scary, you can choose Halloween yard props that glow in the night. Everyone will see them as they come to enter the house.

The traditional and iconic image of Halloween – Jack O’ Lantern, you cannot miss, of course. But use it only if it fits in with the rest of your Halloween decorations, or use just him if you want to concentrate more on the décor inside the home.

Inside Home Halloween Decorations

So that is how to decorate the outside of your home. Not everybody wants to decorate outside their home whether for time or cost reasons. These props are not essential though, as your visitors will be spending most of their time inside your house, not outside.

Inside your home, the suspended and hanging props work best. You can try spider webs with zombie spiders, vampire bats, or rats. You can get even some fake rat hole props to make your home look infested.

To stick on your wall or on your windows you can get some pictures of monsters. You can get lifelike props that are full sized as well as some that are miniature. They can look very realistic and frightening.

Others include chilling eyes that seem to follow you around when you move through the room. For your costume, of course props are also important. I you are going to wear a cloak and Scream mask, how about a bloodied knife, or a crucifix?

You can really freak guests out big time by greeting them at the door with a decapitated head. Although do not be surprised if they have plans to scare you first!

A nice smoke machine can be put on a table to create that haunted feeling. You can also decorate your walls and tables with Halloween rolls. This will help even more to turn your main room into a horror fest. Horror movie theme music would also be fantastic to play at your Halloween event.

Animated Halloween Props

Oh, we almost forgot, animated props for Halloween are also a great idea. No better way to scare someone than when they least expect it. A prop that suddenly comes to life after seemingly being inanimate can shock quite nicely!

So there is a wide variety of items that you can choose from – too many to cover in this one article.

Decorating your house should be fun, so always think about what props might have an effect on you and where they would fit in your house so that you buy ones that you feel happy with.

Best Halloween Props, Costumes, Makeup, Accessories, Weapons:
Jokers’ Masquerade
Angels Fancy Dress

Then you will get rewarded for a second time when your guests are affected by your superb choice of scary decorations as desired; making one hell of a Happy Halloween for all!